Why You Should Study Social Media?

January 04, 2019

Whether people like it or not, social media has taken control and it is here to stay. It’s been on the rise for so long, it’s hard to even believe that its grasp and reach still hasn’t hit its peak. Social media is such a staple of society, PR firms and interactive agencies are making it a pretty big pillar to their workflow these days. What started as a way for people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives has now taken shape as a great tool for the most effective promotion around.

What is so impressive about social media is how at first glance, one may think working on a team dedicated to it means it’s going to be something easy to do since its part of many people’s everyday lives. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The social media work space is almost a bottomless pit of endless depth. There is so much nuance, so much change, so much evolution, it is a workspace that can be exciting to be in since its always changing so often and so constantly.

For people that want to take the next step with social media and go use it as a tool for brand building for a company or a personal profile building for their own start up business, there are many ways and roles to take part on within social media. Within the available platforms, people can work in social media through areas of Content Writing and Content Execution, as a Creative Designer, take control as an Engagement/Strategy Director, someone in charge of Quality Check, take charge as an Application developer or even be the longterm planner as someone with an eye on Business Development. And that is not the end of it. As the years go by and technology keeps growing and evolving, more roles can come up. More strategies can be developed. Better tools can be grown. It keeps on going. It keeps on evolving.

As many institutions now understand the value of social media and make it a core part of a learning curriculum, becoming someone that specializes on it also has the advantage that it’s something they can engage with on a day to day basis. Like mentioned, social media has become such an ingrained part of society and someone’s day to day life, studying and specializing in it would be the equivalent of you living life as society expects it these days. It is a fascinating thing to see evolve, and it’s a fascinating thing to be a part of should you be inclined to study and specialize in it beyond a status update. The opportunities can be endless.

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