Refund Policy

Aspire Business School

CollegeAspire Business SchoolPolicy numberAP0011
DepartmentAdministrationDate issued03.04.2020
Policy titleRefund PolicyRenewal date03.04.2021

Aspire Business School (ABS) acknowledges the importance of managing effectively potential problem/conflict areas surrounding student’s fee payments. The purpose of this policy shall be:

  • To aid clarification of matters ensuring from refuse.
  • To clarify responsibilities and roles in matters relating to refund.
  • To clarify ABS’s position on refund matters.
  1. ABS is a private school which currently doesn’t received funding for any of its students. It will charge EU andnon EU citizens the full fees. The amount of each program will vary depending on the course type andduration.
  2. Fees and any additional charges must be paid prior to the commencement of the course. All fees andcharges can be paid in Bank transfer, by cheque or credit card. Fees will not be deemed ‘received’ until ABShas received a confirmation of reception from its bankers. International student cannot pay fees in cash.
  3. Please notice that if you are on a two years course the cost of the second year may differ from the cost ofthe first year. Students applying from outside Spain are normally required to pay their first year fees in full.
  4. Students must also be aware that additional payments may be required from them. Additional chargesmay include:
    • Materials – students will be expected to pay a sum for materials when is required as part of their courseand such items do not form part of the standard academic resources available to students from the college.
    • Trips – students undertaking trips as part of their course will be expected to fund them.
    • Text books– students may be required to acquire relevant text books for their course. The School maymake arrangements in order to obtain special prices for the students’ text books. In any case, the students need to pay these amounts separately from the course fees.

  6. ABS acknowledges that in extreme cases students may be confronted with exceptional circumstances which may present them with difficulties and make it impossible for them to continue their course. If this is the case and the student leaves after using log in details on portal and before the 1st webinar, one thirds of the fee would be refunded. If the student leaves after attending webinar no refund will be given. Approval of refunds due to exceptional circumstances is at the discretion of the School management and would be based on case-by-case. An administration fee of 250 Euro (This does not include 300 Euro nonrefundable application fees) will be charged for refunds requested by this category of students.
  7. When the School has acknowledged that a refund applicant may access refund, the following will apply:

      Refund application within 10 working days

    • Mitigating circumstances: When a refund request is made and received within 10 working days from thedate recorded on the medical certificate/note, approval will be subjected to the deduction of the non-refundable registration fees of 300euros and there will be a charge of 250 euros per administration fees.
  8. Students should also notice that no refunds can be applied in any other circumstance not covered in this policy. Examples of cases which may be presented as reasons for refund application (and which are not accepted) are:
    • The student has changed his/her mind.
    • The students want to change his/her course and move to another school.
    • The student cannot cope with the demands of the course.
    • The student no longer believes their course is accredited or valid.
    • The course involves too much assignment/ work.
    • The student’s interest in the course has dried out.
    • The student does not feel that he/she receive enough support for the course.
    • The student’s source(s) of funding has ceased.
    • The student’s ‘circumstances’ has changed.
  9. All ABS studentsapplicant must read through this policy and sign the School’s refund policy acknowledgement form. Not having acknowledged this policy by signing the relevant documents does not exclude any students from its application.
  10. This policy is effective from de date stated above.



    Having read & understood ABS’s refund policy I confirm that I have no hesitations about complying with it in full.

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    On behalf of ABS:

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