About ABS

Welcome to Aspire Business School (ABS)

Aspire Business School (ABS) which is located at the heart of Barcelona focuses on providing a platform to ambitious youngsters to achieve their dreams and excel at this so called quest of life. We have various education programs accredited with renowned Bodies & Universities which are well received not only in Europe but across the globe

We not only help students acquire the most coveted Education Degrees through our various programs but also reshape them in a manner that they become their best and contribute wonderfully towards the society.


People grow when they dedicate themselves to doing what they enjoy. We can’t settle for just meeting goals, we need to aim to fulfil dreams.

The capacity for creativity is always with us. Enhancing it is to promote progress and innovation. The combination of creation with the capacity for analysis is extraordinarily powerful and helps us to come to new and different solutions.


Growing Esteem is our strategy for achieving high standard education and for making a Individual and essential contribution to society. The three main metaphor describes the character of our school and the importance of its core activities — Research, Learning and teaching, and Engagement programs. Our aim is to set the standard as the world-class Business School of the future by bringing together knowledge, research, and innovation to create solutions that few institutions have the depth and breadth to achieve.