Master in Business Administration (General)

An MBA program, its overall vision of the company through a multidisciplinary approach, the required dedication and the personal impact on the candidate: all these things together are set to be a radical change in all participants’ life.

The MBA is focused on the understanding of all areas involved in the management and administration of companies, meaning the whole conception of the company, its operations and organization. This involves carrying out an integrated effort on all the activities of business management, in order to be able to implement those policies and more appropriate to successfully achieve the planned objectives strategies. The business world demands trained professionals with a solid understanding of the various areas of management, and in turn, with personal skills such as flexibility, adaptation, reflection, resolution and creativity.

Having an MBA is necessary for all those seeking a differential advantage in today's competitive world. It is one of the few academic diplomas with which, in addition to learning the various areas of running a business, a reputation recognized by the business environment is obtained. It is the program that lets you through the experience, getting new tools and knowledge that will facilitate the transition to a better position in your career.

Why study MBA at Aspire Business School?

The ASPIRE MBA has been characterized as the master of executive training par excellence, which enables participants to achieve positions in a company, and get the necessary management skills to manage companies and institutions. For example, it is the program that lets you enhance your career to a maximum level of development.

The MBA aims to provide Students with the adequate skills to manage assertively and innovatively an organization, from the essential knowledge of marketing, finance, economics, accounting, business management, human capital and operations to the development of an appropriate set of transverse tools and capabilities: leadership, teamwork, communication, business ethics, social responsibility, and shared value.

The advanced training that provides the master is designed to boost the participant’s career, ensuring a major leap and a sustained capacity to:

  • Evolve easily within complex organizations and diversity, under a sustainable perspective and granting the capacity to adapt and anticipate disruptive changes.
  • Manage flexibility and change with the application of new technologies, the emergence of new markets and social evolution, seeking the consolidation and growth of the organization.
  • Promote entrepreneurship path the way for the creation of new businesses while fostering innovation and creativity.
  • Deliver operational excellence for a broad number of corporate areas, ensuring thoroughness, applied know-how and research capabilities.

The methodology used in the programs of ASPIRE is based on the combination of practical training and theoretical knowledge, and further requires the active participation of students with their opinions and views. Based on this, all participants are encouraged to analyze and solve case studies based on real and simulated business situations for training purposes. The Student participation and teamwork are an essential element in the development of the program. This deepens and enriches the training, as it complements the diversity of opinions and experiences of the participants. In this sense, good teamwork is essential in the development, preparation and presentation of the Business Plan as the FMT project in which all the skills and knowledge acquired during the development of the program are integrated. The project encourages the ability to develop strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of the Student.

Using a virtual campus provides permanent access to all the resources needed for learning, in addition to update information on the planning of courses, assessment of student progress and direct contact with the teaching staff.

PreparatoryBusiness Management and Organization I
Business Management and Organization I218
PreparatoryFinancial AccountingFinancial Accounting218
PreparatoryStatistics IStatistics I218
PreparatoryFinancial MathematicsFinancial Mathematics218
Introduction to Business and Economics
International Economic Context218
CoreIntroduction to Business Management218
CoreInternational Business Law218
CoreManagerial Skills327
Analytical Skills
Competitive Strategy327
CoreBusiness Intelligence218
Functional Strategies
Competing through operations327
CoreFinancial Management436
CoreSales Management327
CoreProject Management218
CoreTalent Management and Leadership19
Growth Management
CoreInternational Growth218
CoreIT TOOLS for internationalization218
CoreFinal Master Thesis2nd16Final Master Thesis16
AreaRequired (minimum)Documentation
AcademicInternational-NON Eu students: BA, BSc, BScIT, BSc Engineering,.EU & UK Students: Bachelor Degree. For UK students, BA and BSc holders (mandatory enrollment for   preparatory courses may apply)Certified copy of degree
Work Experience3 year working experience, considerin internshipsLetter of reference from employer
English ProficiencyIELTS: 6.0 (minimum of 5.0 in all components)TOEFL (paper-based): overall score of 600 with a Test of Written English score of 5.5TOEFL (internet-based): overall score between 87-109 with component scores of at least 20.Cambridge English First (FCE)Applicants from a recognized majority English speaking countries (MESCs) do not need to meet these requirements.(If you don't meet our minimum English language requirements, we offer an intensive Pre-sessional English course.)Certified copy of title.


Application fee (non-refundable, paid with application)200 EUR
Tuition Fee for the Program (60 ECTS credits)10,000 EUR
Application fee (non-refundable, paid with application)
Minimum Advance tuition Payment5,000 EUR


Application fee (non-refundable, paid with application)200 EUR
Tuition Fee for the Program (60 ECTS credits)14,000 EUR
Application fee (non-refundable, paid with application)
Minimum Advance tuition Payment7,000 EUR
  • Master´s Program Duration: = One Academic Year
  • A 10% discount may be applied if the student chooses to pay the full amount at the time of program acceptance.
  • *Payment installment plans are available. Please contact EU's Administration Department for further details.


ABS is committed to provide students with global education, and we believe that financing can help attract best-in-class students who are ambitious and deserve a merit-based scholarship. For incoming students, these scholarships are granted after careful consideration, including academic merit and the social-economic status of a student. The amount awarded is at the discretion of Aspire Business School Barcelona administration but cannot exceed 50% of the annual tuition fees of the program. All national, international and transfer students are eligible for the following scholarships. You can apply for ONE scholarship only, so we recommend that you review the conditions of each option carefully.

Referral Scholarship

Open to: This scholarship is awarded to Masters (including MBA) candidates who have immediate or extended family relations with current and former students, including partners. This scholarship is also open to candidates from the same family who apply to ABS at the same time.

Candidates will be considered based on their Personal Statement where the applicants will need to describe how pursuing the studies at ABS will affect their career and personal life.

Women in Business Scholarship

Open to: WIB Scholarship is awarded to exceptional female candidates whose academic and professional merits help them to demonstrated leadership in their community, academic institution, or place of work.

Candidates will be considered based on their Personal Statement where the applicants will need to describe how pursuing the studies at ABS will affect their career and personal life. Candidates should also describe their understanding of why women must be part of business life.

Upon completion of the program, participants will have acquired a broad set of skills fulfilling a wide variety of demands from corporate recruiters worldwide. At ASPIRE we know that employers are looking to recruit solid professionals with a demonstrable experience, and a hands-on approach to daily work, combining a strategic overview vision of the corporate mission with a practical and specific operating knowledge.

The MBA Aspire focuses on the development of an interdisciplinary set of skills, including, among others

  • IT and Technical
  • Communication
  • Team-working
  • Research and analytical
  • Problem-solving
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Perseverance and motivation
  • Ability to work under pressure

ASPIRE aims to educate and train international MBA professionals perfectly capable to undertake key positions at diverse functional areas within a company, including

  • General manager/ CEO
  • C-suite Executives
  • Senior Analysts and Consultants
  • Senior Strategic Advisors
  • Middle Managers and senior technical specialists
  • Entrepreneurs
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