Executive Program in Tech Startups Management

12-weeks online program, comprised of three specialized modules managed by one professor each. One webinar per week based on practical examples and business cases, backed by a solid, focused theoretical framework consisting of class material and mandatory readings. Participants will engage in open debates and sustained teamwork projects monitored by the professor in charge.

Executive Program in Startup Management focuses on offering a professional view on the current issues regarding the conceptualization, financing, and scaling of a technological startup. From its very birth to the consolidation of its business model and the leverage of the technologies shaping its evolution, startup management forces the entrepreneur-to-be to tackle with a variety of challenges.

The program aims to offer state-of-the-art insights to confidently cope with them, covering the most significant topics that progressively arise in parallel with the evolution of the corporate lifecycle. Participants should expect an in-depth treatment of the highlights of competitive strategy, technology management, disruptive innovation and startup valuation required for C-suite level of startup managers and analysts alike.

The methodology used in the programs of ASPIRE is based on the combination of practical training and theoretical knowledge, and further requires the active participation of students with their opinions and views. Based on this, all participants are encouraged to analyze and solve case studies based on real and simulated business situations for training purposes. The Student participation and teamwork are an essential element in the development of the program. This deepens and enriches the training, as it complements the diversity of opinions and experiences of the participants. In this sense, good teamwork is essential in the development, the project encourages the ability to develop a strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of the Student.

Using a virtual campus provides permanent access to all the resources needed for learning, in addition to update information on the planning of courses, assessment of student progress and direct contact with the teaching staff.

First Module: Validation of the startup model. Gaining traction ( 4 weeks)

Consolidation of the startup's initial operations: definition of a viable Services / Products portfolio, channel dimensioning and user acquisition. Pivoting the initial business idea towards a sustainable model.

Business scaling: identification of growth vectors, strategic management of the startup scaling process and identification of essential assets.

Monetization and cost control: assessment of strategic costs according to the Business lifecycle, definition of the monetization model.

Second Module Managing technology strategically (4 weeks)

Analysis of digital business models: platform, collaborative, asymmetric, marketplace.

Identification of key technologies and transformation of traditional businesses.

Analytical models for the strategic management of technology: Gartner, technological life cycles, technological disruption by market segments.

Third Module: Startup Valuation and Financing (4 weeks)

Start-up financing instruments: leveraged models, crowdfunding, venture capital, and the public.

The attraction of investors and access to funding rounds: due diligence, key metrics, and pitch.

Valuation criteria for startups: unicorns, centaurs and bad ideas.

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