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Online Degree Programmes

Master in Business Administration / 1 Year UK University Degree

MBA program with a one Year UK University Degree; is validated and awarded by the University of Chichester and delivered by OTHM.

Master in International Business Relations

The MIBR is intended for professionals who wish to specialize in economics, organization and management of international business projects and organizations.

Executive Master in Data Science and Business Analytics

Executive Master in Data Science and Business Analytics has been designed to provide a cutting-edge perspective on how data analytics and information-based management is key of success.

Executive Master in Digital Marketing & Social Media

Executive EMDMSM provides the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to exploit the digital environments in a business environment.

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It may come as no surprise that the kind of master’s programs offered in the different continents in the world come with one big, specific caveat: they can differ in terms of curriculum,

Advantages of study a program online

So, you access all the different options you can take to pursue an education. You have the option of attending an institution, or you have the option to stay put and take it online. So you may ask: why study online? Why that instead of attending school?

5 Reasons you should study online

We have talked before about some of the advantages of pursuing an online degree. If those advantages didn’t convince you before, here are some of the reasons why you should study online if that is the way that it is available for you: