Program Leaders

ABS leverages its growth through an experienced international management and its top-tier faculty board. A combination of experienced professionals with hands-on experience, entrepreneurs and outstanding analysts and researchers, professors at ABS offer a unique in-class teaching experience, an applied and practical methodology and a customized assessment to students. More than 65% of all ABS professors are successful entrepreneurs and CEOs, whereas 30% of them hold PhDs in relevant business areas and specialized fields such as HealthCare Management, Data Science and Digital Entrepreneurship.

Faculty Visit from Industry


Teaching Methodology

Abs considers that a balance between theory and practice is key to offering a solid formation. This is provided through a well-planned in-class experience and a permanent control over the students’ progress.

The teaching approach at abs is based on five main drivers:

A thorough application of the case methodology, offering a hands-on methodology to reinforce student engagement and sustained application of concepts
A taylor-made approach to facilitate student leveling and a proper adaptation to the core curriculum.
State-of-the art theoretical guidelines that stand as a solid foundation for all participants, regardless of their functional and educational background.
A constant update of examples and business frameworks according to a permanently changing competitive landscape.
A specialized approach to education, through a comprehensive group of top professors permanently in touch with the last trends arising in their working fields
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