Aspire Business School helps you to find a safe and affordable accommodation, where you will feel like home away from home. Please kindly inform the admission department in advance for the accommodation requirement.

Regarding the accommodation, it is a pleasure to us to share some tips.

First thing, starts searching early enough. You have to consider that: If you are an international student you will need about tow month to find accommodation. If you are a Spanish student it will take you around three weeks. As a student you have several ways to find an accommodation:

  • Search for accommodation in a dormitory.
  • Search a room or an apartment through online agencies.
  • Search a room through the city council website.
  • Through the accommodation contacts from Aspire Business School.
As for the dormitories you may know that there are several dormitories where you can find a single or shared room. According to the residences, you can have individual toile, kitchen and living room own or shared one, as well as other complementary services. Prices will depend on these criteria and needs.

If what you want to rent a room or an apartment thoruhg online searching, we recommend this top five websites:

  • www.uniplacescom
Other option is to find an apartment or room-mates through the Citys Council’s Barcelona webpage. It is names HabitatGejove. This is an organization created by leading universities of Barcelona, together with the Generalitat of Catalunya and Barcelona City Council, with the aim to support international students who come to Barcelona. You can find information and advices, rooms in share flats or the options to stay with a family form Barcelona, dormitories and colleges campus and so on. For more information you can consult the webpage,

If you want to rent a room or apartment through the accommodation contacts from Aspire Business School; send an email to and we will be happy to help you to contact some agencies and giving accommodation information.

In short:

  • Searching with time enough.
  • Compare prices and services if you go to a dormitory.
  • If you are looking for an apartment, the estimated price is around 600 euros. If you are looking for a room, the price is between 350euros and 500euros.
  • Look for warrants, don’t trust anyone.
  • Enjoy your time in Barcelona!
If you hold any offer letter or visa letter than please verify it by entering verification code into student verification tab. If it doesn't show your name and passport number than letter are fake and you will not get visa.